• Image of Gold Bar Discography Flash Drive (8GB)

Limited Edition Gold Bar Flash Drive containing all of HYDRABADD's music released thus far + exclusive tracks.
Holds 8GB of storage for personal use.
ONLY 50 MADE. Will ship in around a week.

Contains over 50 Tracks:
[5] EP1 - Diamond Spectrum
[6] EP2 - Temple of Tru Luv
----(MUST DIE! & Taste Tester Remixes)
[5] EP3 - Sanctuary Remixes
----(Druid Cloak, Heroes x Villains, NEVR, Major118, Taste Tester
---- remixes)
[4] EP4 - Tundra Nymph & Ice Chasm
----(813 and KON remixes)
[4] EP4.5 - HYDRABADD & Taste Tester - Prismic Portals 2013
----(Flowmotions [DJ Tricks & Prep] remix)
[5] EP5 - Astral Mirage
[8] Lone Spells
----(Crystal Mist, Horadric Cube, Theta Wave and
----other Compilation tracks)
[12] Magicmixes -
----Diamond, Eve, KW Griff and much more
[4] Gold Bar Exclusives